$25 Caltex StarCash eGift Card

StarCash can be used to buy fuel as well as a whole array of convenience goods at over 2,000 locations across Australia including the range of Vortex Premium fuels. Caltex Vortex Premium fuels have been specifically formulated to clean while you drive by removing built up nasties on the fuel injectors. This delivers fuel to the engine more effectively and burns more efficiently. Vortex Premium 95 & 98 are premium petrols that clean the engine and maintain its performance. Compared to regular fuels, Vortex Premium 98 has a higher octane rating which may improve power and torque to give you more oomph!

Note: e-Gift cards can only be used on Caltex owned and operated service stations. At this time they are not accepted at Woolworths or Ampol service stations. To search for nearest participating station go to https://www.caltex.com.au/find-a-caltex and tick StarCash Digital.

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Product Description

Terms & Conditions:

  • May be used to purchase all fuel grades and instore products in participating Caltex service stations across Australia.
  • Caltex StarCash eGift cards are not accepted at Woolworths or Ampol service stations.
  • Valid for 12 months.
  • May only be used at Caltex outlets where EFTPOS terminals are available and operational.
  • No change given, balance remains on the card for use against future purchases.
  • Store listing: starcash_digital_participating_locations